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Faster Productivity

On average approximately 3.5 min per wheel. The face and the back of the wheel are blasted within the same program, no need to turn the wheel halfway through.

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Instant Adoption

User friendly, simply load the wheel, press a button, and walk away allowing you to continue to work on other jobs. 

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Improved Safety

Any sound at or above 85 dBA is more likely to damage your hearing over time.


Auto Wheel Blaster is 78dB, much quieter than the Manual Sandblaster 110-125 dB.

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The Auto Wheel Blaster is designed to maximise protection to the machine and produce a long lasting efficient blasting. With safety in mind, have all the correct safeguard standards that are required to be allowed to use across the world.

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Accelerated Schedule

The operator will have the ability to complete other jobs at the same time, effectively.

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Cost Saving

Vastly saves on labor. Airless technology, no need for an expensive and loud compressor. The Auto Wheel Blaster uses stainless steel shots which lasts a long time. It takes 37kg of media from empty to full prefilled by us. 

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Schedule for a demo

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